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RBL 138 - Xtreme Dynamat

RBL 138 - Xtreme Dynamat

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Part #138 - contains 4 - 10" x 10" Sheets 

Xtreme Dynamat

  • Eliminates or reduces noise generated by road, engine, drive train, and panel vibration

  • Aluminum layer deflects heat from firewall, floor pans and engine compartments

  • Xtreme DYNAMAT is a self-adhering sheet metal vibration damper combing a butyl composite with an aluminum constraining layer

  • It's thinner, lighter, more flexible, more sticky, easier to install, and more that 2 times the sound dampening power of DYNAMAT

  • Xtreme DYNAMAT preserves the O.E.M. sound damping factory condition

Performance Benefits:

  • Flexible - Easily forms to non-flat surfaces

  • Easy to install. A peel-and-stick installation

  • Improves sound quality and amplifying power of car audio systems

  • Xtreme Dynamat is unaffected by cold weather

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