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RBL 172 - Wheel Bag Maskers (100/box)

RBL 172 - Wheel Bag Maskers (100/box)

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13” - 14” - 15” Passenger Car Tires - #172 (100/box)

Designed to provide total tire masking protection against paint overspray, dust, dirt and other contaminants during refinish repair.

  • Built-in ‘cling’ feature enables the BAG to wrap the tire for complete masking protection and keeps the BAG out of the way of air hoses and body technicians
  • Paint overspray sticks to film
  • Bag design allows easy cut-out of center of bag when painting hubcap of tires on trailers, trucks and busses
  • Tough and durable, non-static, disposable, recyclable plastic
  • Tough, full BAG design allows using the bag twice, front & back. Cost effective! (2 for 1)
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