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RBL 760-WS - Tacky Netting Starter Kit

RBL 760-WS - Tacky Netting Starter Kit

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Our tacky netting traps dirt and overspray in your paint booth and installs in minutes. One roll covers two standard booth sizes and depending on paint usage can last for up to three months.


Keep the dirt & dust out of your paint and projects and onto your booth walls instead. Hang the RBL Tacky Netting on the walls of your booth and see cleaner paint jobs immediately.



  • Made of lint free monofilament nylon

  • Open tack formulation along with the warm booth keeps the netting tacky for months

  • Contains flame retardant

  • Eyelets on both top and bottom of netting for easy installation to hook on magnets

  • Eyelets repeat every 2 inches

  • Length of rolls are 160 feet


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