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Soda Blaster

Soda Blaster

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  • Sodablasting is a soft and gentle method of removing paint and corrosion
  • Neither warms nor stretches metal
  • Does not damage glass, rubber, or plastic
  • No need to grind metal
  • Excellent for removing rust
  • The Sodablasting Gun is made of strong composite resin. Just add Soda Blasting Media in the container, connect to your compressed air source and go.
  • By dialing the nozzle you can adjust the stream of soda to be very narrow or a wider pattern and you can control this stream to the accuracy of an airbrush. The higher the compressed air pressure, the more media will be discharged.
  • The Soda media is especially designed for use with the Sodablasting Gun. Both the density and crystalline particle size are engineered for optimal use.
  • Does not come with soda blasting media, you can find that here *

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