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RBL 133 - Air Hose Protective Sleeve

RBL 133 - Air Hose Protective Sleeve

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  • 4 - 3" x 100' Rolls
  • Slip on / Disposable 
  • PAINT REFINISH - Slips over 3/8" gun hose & breathing air hose supply
  • INDUSTRIAL - For up to 5/8" I.D. Air Hoses
  • The narrow diameter of the protective sleeve fits closely to the circumference of the air hose for safe, easy maneuverability of the spray gun line 
  • Eliminates wiping off dust, dirt, smeared paint materials, fillers, putties, and grease between paint jobs
  • Paint overspray sticks to the protective sleeve without flaking off
  • Disposable - when the sleeve gets dirty, remove from air hose and slip on new length 

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